Summer is in full swing in Randleman, North Carolina, but that doesn’t mean that your energy bills have to go through the roof. We’ve put together a list of tips to help you keep your energy bills in check and save yourself a little bit of money this summer.

Close Curtains

Your windows can have a major impact on the temperature inside your home. The size, location, thickness, seal, and covering on your windows all have an effect. In the summer, it’s important to make sure you close your window coverings to keep sun and heat out of your house. This is especially important for south-facing windows, which get the most sun exposure during the summer.

Reduce Heat Buildup

During the summer, you obviously want to keep your home as cool as possible. One easy way to help is to not add more heat or humidity to your house. To do that, take shorter showers, consider line-drying clothes, air-dry dishes, turn on exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathroom, and don’t use your oven. Just think — the latter is a built-in excuse to use your outdoor grill.

Use Fans and Ventilation

Having proper ventilation in your home is crucial for keeping it cool during the hot weather. It’s important that your air filters be clean and that vents aren’t blocked so that the conditioned air can flow freely throughout your home.

Also make sure that your fans are on the summer setting, spinning counter-clockwise to push air downward. Using a ceiling fan in tandem with your air conditioning can raise the temperature by 4 degrees without losing comfort. Remember, fans cool people, not rooms, so you can turn fans off when you leave the room.

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