Managing home comfort during the hot and humid summers in Randleman, North Carolina, can pose a challenge. With a smart thermostat, keeping your house comfortable, no matter what the temperature is outside, becomes much easier.

Better Control

Using a smart thermostat puts the power back into your hands. If you forget to adjust the temperature before you head out of town, simply open the app and make the change from anywhere that has an internet connection. You can also monitor and adjust the temperature based on the outdoor weather or lower it just before you leave work for the day. Some smart thermostats have built-in geo-tracking services to adjust automatically when the temperature rises outside. When you add a smart thermostat to your home, you’ll have more control over the rising costs of energy usage.

Tracks Your Habits

If you get up at the same time each day, your smart thermostat will start to pick up on this habit and adjust the temperature accordingly. Some options also include smartphone tracking to determine when you’re on your way home, anticipate your arrival, and trigger the thermostat for maximum comfort.

Precise Delivery to Specific Rooms

Wireless temperature sensors can also help improve precise delivery of cool air to specific rooms of the home. Not all smart thermostats include wireless temperature sensors, but this feature is certainly appealing to those who spend more time in certain rooms, such as the kitchen, living room, or bedrooms. Taking advantage of this option can help prevent the system from pushing air into rooms that don’t really get used.

If you have your smart thermostat connected to your home’s security system, it may also be able to detect when a window or door is open and adjust the energy usage until you shut the door or window.

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