Randleman, NC

Randleman, NC Air Conditioning Repair & Installation Service

When temperatures reach extreme levels, the demand on your air conditioning and heating units is high. This is why HVAC equipment frequently malfunctions during the winter and summer months. If you need heating and air conditioning repair fast, call the comfort care technicians at Charlie’s Heating & Cooling.

Fast Response to Repair Calls

When you need air conditioning repair services, our team will work to schedule a visit to your home to restore comfort as quickly as possible. Our service technicians always aim to solve problems to the best of their ability on the first call, so you won’t have to wait several hours (or even days) for them to return. While it’s not always possible to complete a repair in one call, we will do the best we can to make sure you’re comfortable.

The technicians at Charlie’s Heating & Cooling are trained to handle a variety of residential and commercial HVAC issues. We will dedicate the same effort to a minor problem as we would to a major air conditioning repair need. Our team knows that even a relatively minor malfunction can require customers to put their lives on hold so we can make repairs, which is why we never trivialize a service call.

Routine Maintenance, Cleaning, and Service Calls

While you can’t predict when your HVAC system is going to break, you can take preventive steps to keep it running efficiently. Many of our service repair calls are the result of minor problems, like a clogged drain pan or malfunctioning connection. While our customers are often relieved when there’s an easy fix, many issues can often be avoided with our air conditioning service plans.

With our heating and air conditioning service plans, our technicians will visit your home and perform the necessary services so that you are well prepared for the season ahead. We will clean hoses, evaluate filters, and run through a checklist that could prevent minor breaks. This routine maintenance can help to prevent a malfunction during the heat of summer or when temperatures are frigid.

If you need to repair your HVAC system or just want to have it checked, Charlie’s Heating & Cooling is here to help. Our goal is to provide the best heating and cooling services to Randleman, North Carolina, and surrounding areas so that everyone can feel comfortable. Give us a call at (336) 629-5453 to schedule an appointment today!