While emptying your closets of their winter clothes and replacing them with summer shorts is a common to-do item on a spring cleaning checklist, many homeowners forget about taking care of the one device that keeps them cool and comfortable throughout the hottest season of the year: the air conditioner. With that said, here are three tasks you should complete this spring to ensure your AC is ready for the hotter days ahead in Asheboro, North Carolina.

Ready: Check Your Air Filter and Change It Often

Your cooling system likely includes an air filter that prevents large airborne particles from clogging it and, as a result, reducing operational efficiency and deteriorating indoor air quality. To prevent these problems from increasing your energy costs and impacting your respiratory health, change it today and remember to check it monthly this summer. Here are some common reasons to a change an air filter every month:

  • Your unit operates for more than six months per year.
  • Your home has pets in it; pet dander can dirty filters faster.
  • Your family is large or one of its members suffers from allergies.

Set: Adjust Your Ceiling Fans to Turn in the Right Direction

When used properly, ceiling fans can lighten your cooling system’s workload. During the summer, your ceiling fan’s blades should turn in a counterclockwise direction to create cooler downward airflow. Remember that ceiling fans are only effective when you use them while you’re in the room; otherwise, it’s a waste of energy.

Blow: Invest in Professional HVAC Maintenance

To ensure your cooling system blows cold air all summer long without working harder than it has to and wasting your energy dollars, consider investing in springtime HVAC maintenance. Although it’s an initial investment, professional HVAC maintenance can help you save up to 40 percent on your cooling costs throughout the summer.

For more information about how to get your cooling system ready for the upcoming summer, or if you’d like to schedule professional maintenance today, read on about how duct cleaning helps you save energy or contact Charlie’s Heating & Cooling at (336) 629-5453.