Air Conditioning

Quality Air Conditioning Service from AC Repair to Installation in Greensboro, NC

Cool air coming through the vents means sheer bliss when the hot rays of the summer sun are bearing down outside. However, when your air conditioner is no match for the heat and humidity, your home or business can quickly begin to feel like a sauna. You will undoubtedly feel uncomfortable and miserable. However, the problem becomes more serious when you start to feel lethargic or ill. If your air conditioner is struggling to get you through summer, put an end to the discomfort and high energy bills with a call to Charlie’s Heating & Cooling.

Make Summer Cool with the Right HVAC Contractor

You might take being comfortable and breathing easy for granted until something goes wrong with your AC. Your air conditioner manages temperature as well as humidity, and when it can no longer perform these tasks, the effects will manifest themselves in several ways:

  • Thick, humid air that can make breathing difficult and aggravate respiratory conditions
  • High moisture levels that lead to condensation on walls and fungi growth
  • Greater difficulty controlling indoor air quality
  • Uneven temperatures throughout the building
  • Little or no cool air, even when the thermostat is set correctly

If you are experiencing these problems, call the AC experts at Charlie’s Heating & Cooling. We are a residential and commercial HVAC contractor. You can count on us when you need emergency service, too.

We will provide air conditioning repair services or determine if you need a new air conditioner. If you need an AC replacement, we also stock a range of energy efficient units and provide air conditioning installation services.

Affordable Air Conditioning Service

When you need air conditioning installation or air conditioning repair, Charlie’s Heating & Cooling will provide what you need at prices you can afford. Skilled technicians arrive on time and evaluate your system thoroughly to determine the exact cause of the problem. Air conditioning problems have similar symptoms. You need an experienced team that can correctly identify and repair problems, so you save time and money.

We don’t just give you great deals on air conditioning service and equipment — we want you to continue saving long after we’re gone. When we repair your system or install new equipment, you will see an improvement in performance that will also be reflected in lower energy bills. Working with Charlie’s Heating & Cooling gives you clear benefits all around.

Look No Further than Charlie’s Heating & Cooling

For efficient cooling and air quality management in Greensboro, NC, stick with the team that can make a clear difference in home comfort. We work for the customer, not the other way around. We are a Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor and a TCS Dealer, so we know a thing or two about going the extra mile and providing exceptional service.

You can’t go wrong with the courteous and knowledgeable team at Charlie’s Heating & Cooling. Give us a call when you need air conditioning service in High Point, Lexington, Asheboro, Denton, Randleman, Ramseur, and Greensboro, North Carolina. We guarantee satisfaction every time.