Sheet Metal

Sheet Metal Fabrication for Duct Systems in Greensboro & Surrounding Areas

Your home is your sanctuary, which is why you don’t want to see it disrupted by lengthy HVAC repairs. The team at Charlie’s Heating & Cooling knows this, and so we strive to complete service calls in a professional and efficient manner. Our sheet metal fabrication service is one way we help you to control the number of contractors needed for one job and the amount of time it takes to complete duct repairs or installation.

Upgrade Your Home to Central Air

We’ve worked with historic homes throughout Greensboro to modernize their cooling systems with central air conditioning. We respect the unique design of these houses and their cultural significance to the city.

Our sheet metal fabricators work with our service technicians to create ducts that match the unique design of these homes so we can install a heating and cooling system without damaging the integrity of the house. Instead of working with a major manufacturer and ordering parts that only fit certain sizes, we design the ducts inhouse and can make timely adjustments as needed. The result is an air duct system created specifically with your home in mind, and hand-crafted right here in Greensboro.

Accurate Quotes and Project Timelines

Another benefit of having a sheet metal fabricator in-house is that our team can accurately determine the scope, cost, and timeline of a project. We’re not reliant on another company to create ducts for us, so your project won’t get delayed because of their workload. We can also guarantee the cost of your ducts, so you will have a greater sense of control and clarity regarding the cost of the overall project.

In-house sheet metal fabrication presents many benefits to our customers. All our costs for air duct creation go into the actual fabrication process, so you can rest assured knowing we’re not contracting out the job and adding extra fees to pad our pockets.

Professional Technicians You Can Trust

With the right equipment for the job and a mission to provide high-quality HVAC services to all of our customers, we can install your central air system quickly and professionally. We strive to leave you feeling satisfied with our service and comfortable in your home or business.

Our goal is always to offer the superior services and highest-quality sheet metal products because we want our work to stand out as the best in the area. When you work with Charlie’s Heating & Cooling, your satisfaction is guaranteed.