Have you been pondering whether to get rid of your window air conditioner and switch to central heating and air? Well, there’s never been a better time to make the switch. As we come to the end of summer and begin the fall season in Asheboro, North Carolina, you might need both heat and air conditioning in the same day on occasion. No matter what time of year it is, you’ll want to heat or cool your home with the utmost efficiency. Here’s a look at the great debate between central air and window units and why you should make the switch now.

Window Units Are Ugly and Loud

Even if you purchase a more modern unit, a window air conditioner sounds clunky and loud when it cycles through the dehumidifying cycle. You’ll also find window units to look extremely unattractive. Go into any room with a window air conditioner and it tends to be the first thing you notice.

Central Air is More Efficient

With central heating and air, you’ll optimize efficiency and maximize your comfort. It’s a win-win.

Window units aren’t nearly as efficient and effective as central heating and air systems. A window unit blows air into a single room, so you’ll need a unit for almost every room in your home to keep the entire house cool and comfortable during the warmer months. Central air conditioners provide effective cooling because they’re able to cool your entire home instead of a single room.

Think About the Long-Term Savings

Window units are usually less expensive from an equipment installation viewpoint. But a central air conditioner can lower your energy bills and easily pay for itself when compared to the cost of cooling your house with a window unit.

Thanks to today’s advanced smart technology, you can also enjoy optimal convenience with a central air conditioner by controlling it remotely. Ask anyone with central air who has previously used window units and they’re sure to recommend making the switch today.

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