Ductwork inspection offers several benefits for your Asheboro, NC, home or business. If you want to reduce energy consumption, extend the lifespan of your heating and cooling equipment, optimize system performance and improve indoor air quality, it’s time to call your indoor air quality experts. Over time, ducts can develop problems that can turn out to be costly. Schedule duct inspection, and we will provide an honest assessment of your ductwork. Duct cleaning helps to keep everyone healthy and allows you to hang on to more of your hard-earned dollars.

Improves HVAC Performance

Ducts can develop cracks and leaks through which air escapes. When this occurs, your equipment has to work hard to provide the comfort you need. That subjects it to excessive wear and tear, which compromises HVAC performance and shortens the lifespan of your equipment.

If there is debris in the ductwork, then the heating and cooling units and your home become polluted easily. The accumulation of debris impedes airflow, also causing the heating and cooling units to work harder. Cleaning your ducts means smooth operation, so your system works efficiently.

Reduces Energy Consumption

A dirty HVAC system caused by dirty ductwork won’t be efficient and will cost you money. Sealing and insulating ducts keep polluted air from entering your ductwork. Repairing ducts also prevents the loss of heated and cooled air and can reduce energy consumption by up to 20 percent. Duct cleaning reduces energy costs by helping to keep the HVAC clean.

Gets Rid Of Uninvited Guests

Insects and rodents can enter your ductwork. Once inside, these unwanted visitors can quickly multiply and affect airflow and air quality by leaving droppings that pollute the indoor air. HVAC air filters can catch some of this pollution, but air filters alone won’t solve the problems these critters can cause when they’re living in your ducts.

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