Homeowners throughout Greensboro, North Carolina, are switching to ductless HVAC. Also referred to as mini-split systems, these options come with many benefits. People with ductless HVAC enjoy lower energy bills, improved comfort, and more control over the heating and cooling in their home.

Lower Energy Bills

The ducts that move air from your furnace or air conditioner into your home account for a substantial amount of energy loss. When you remove the need for ducts, you eliminate that energy loss and save more on utility costs.

A ductless HVAC system uses an inverter-powered compressor that speeds up heating or cooling as needed. It also slows down when the room reaches the set temperature. A traditional AC compressor turns off and on when the system starts operating. That full startup and shutdown uses more energy.

Improved Comfort

With a ductless system, your home is split into heating and cooling zones. Each zone has an associated unit, allowing you to set different temperatures for different rooms.

For example, you can keep the bedrooms hot during the winter but lower the temperature for the kitchen and dining areas. That way, you don’t have to change the temperature of the whole house to be comfortable in whichever room you’re in.

More Control

A ductless system has small indoor units and an outdoor compressor unit. The small units don’t require much space, so you have more flexibility about where to place them.

If you don’t spend a lot of time in certain areas of your home, you can place a unit in a more central location for improved comfort control in that space. You can also keep a unit turned off in rooms that you don’t use often, which helps reduce wasted energy and money.

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