If you add zoning to your heating and cooling system, you’ll never have to heat or cool unoccupied areas of your home. You can set a different temperature for every zone, and dampers or baffles in your ductwork will direct the air in your HVAC system where it’s needed.

Many ductless HVAC systems have zoning, as well. They have more than one indoor unit and an outdoor compressor or condenser. Many people add zoning capabilities to their HVAC system when they renovate their High Point, North Carolina, homes. Add zoning to save energy, make you and your family more comfortable, and increase your home’s value.

Energy Savings

Installing zoning can seem costly at first, but the investment will pay for itself after a few years through lower utility bills. It also reduces wear on your HVAC system, preventing unexpected breakdowns and premature replacements.

Better Comfort

With a conventional central HVAC system, all your family members have to compromise when it’s time to set the thermostat. With zoning, everyone can keep his or her room at a comfortable temperature without making anyone else too hot or cold.

More Valuable Home

HVAC systems with zoning are quiet and comfortable. Many home buyers are willing to pay more for the savings and comfort they bring.

Zoning lets you save space by using a smaller heater or air conditioner. You can control many zoning systems with a convenient remote control, your smartphone or your computer. Systems with zoning also include features like indoor air quality monitors and programmable thermostats.

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