If your family argues about the thermostat settings in your Asheboro, North Carolina, home, you need a plan. Stop household temperature disputes to avoid higher energy bills and more stress on your HVAC system.

Agree On the Department of Energy’s Guidelines

Families frequently dispute thermostat settings. While one person is always cold, another is always hot. It results in everyone changing the thermostat all the time. If this happens in your household, you’re wasting energy.

If you don’t already own a programmable thermostat, consider it a worthy investment. The U.S. Department of Energy;s recommended thermostat settings are a good neutral ground. Set your thermostat according to those.

If someone is too hot or cold, use ceiling fans, space heaters and extra clothes to rectify the temperature issue. The Department of Energy recommends 68 degrees in winter when you’re home. Remember to also decrease that temperature by about 10 degrees while you’re at work or sleeping for additional savings.

Consider Zoning Your Home to Satisfy Everyone

Some family members might believe that you can zone rooms by closing vents. They might also think you can save energy by shutting off the HVAC system. It’s important that your family doesn’t believe any HVAC myths that can damage your system.

The only way to zone a home is by installing a zoned system, which involves extra thermostats and dampers. Closing vents will only stress your HVAC system.

Also, you waste more energy trying to reheat or cool the house after turning off the HVAC system. Use the Department of Energy’s recommendations for the most savings.

To settle household temperature disputes, schedule a Charlie’s Heating and Cooling service technician to visit your home. Repairs and maintenance can sometimes help resolve temperature disputes by improving overall efficiency. Call us today at (336) 629-5453.

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