Too many things slip through our fingers. Homeowners in Greensboro, North Carolina, might wonder why they have less in their checking accounts than they thought. With so many things leaving our control, comfort should not be one of them. Keep air where it belongs and enjoy greater comfort and efficiency by installing attic insulation in your home.

Why Consider Attic Insulation?

Your home is encased in something called a thermal envelope. “Thermal envelope” is a blanket term for everything that separates the HVAC-controlled air inside your home from the chaotic air outdoors.

Thermal envelopes consist of windows, walls, doors, insulation and anything else that keeps air indoors. But these materials are not always enough to keep your home cozy. Air leaks can form around doors, windows and between walls, allowing moderated air to escape.

Your attic might be the greatest perpetrator in the loss of warm air from your home. Attics often have insufficient insulation and inadequate sealing around outlet boxes and plumbing pipes.

As warm air escapes and cool air enters, your HVAC system must work harder to maintain comfort. This drastically reduces efficiency and hikes up utility costs.

What Attic Insulation Services Entail?

The solution to air loss in attics? Attic insulation services. Our expert team provides insulation services that will leave your thermal envelope more efficient than ever.

Our experts will determine the need for insulation in the attic as well as identify any other potential air leaks throughout the home. Once we’ve pinpointed these needs, our team will work with you to discover what kind of installation will best fit your lifestyle.

Don’t let your attic become a source of lost comfort and efficiency. Set up your attic insulation service> by calling Charlie’s Heating and Cooling at (336) 629-5453

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