There’s no doubt technology can change the face of your High Point, North Carolina, home. With recent innovations in plumbing, heating and air conditioning, and computing, our lives are becoming more comfortable. By upgrading to a smart home, your life will change for the better in many ways.

Enhances Security

Some of the most advanced smart homes have cutting-edge systems to protect your home and family from intruders. If an intruder trigger an alarm, the monitoring center alerts you and the police. With some smart homes, you can unlock and lock your doors from work, sound an alarm if there’s unwanted entry, and access your security cameras remotely.

Imagine knowing when the kids get home safely from school each day or when a car pulls into the driveway. Set up your system to make sure the dog doesn’t get out of the yard or to watch off-limits areas on your property. When something does happen, you’ll have video or photographic evidence.

Prevents Disaster and Death

If you’re on vacation, your smart home can let you know there’s an issue by detecting water where it shouldn’t be. Without leaving the beach, you can call a plumber and remotely unlock your doors. Not only can you fix the problem without ruining your family vacation but you also won’t return home to a huge flooding disaster that costs thousands.

Other smart systems detect smoke, fire and carbon monoxide. Relax without worry and sleep easy knowing your family is safe.

Increases Savings

A smart home enables you to turn off appliances, such as the coffee pot or iron, after you’ve left. Setting up smart lighting that works according to your family’s habits can save you in the long run, and it allows you to turn lights off and on from afar.

Use wireless thermostats to monitor and change the temperature in your home. These systems monitor trends and make recommendations to save you even more.

Makes Life Easier

For easier mornings, program your appliances to brew your favorite coffee and turn on the kitchen lights before you wake up. You can put dinner in the crockpot and turn it down to ‘warm’ in the afternoon, so it doesn’t burn by the time you get in from work.

Smart homes know when you come home and can open the garage door for you. Carrying in a load of groceries? No worries! Program your home to open and close doors for you.

Many of the current smart systems have options that allow you to create shopping lists by voice command. Others have the ability to order groceries and products on a regular cycle or when you instruct them to. Never forget something on your list again.

Having a smart home helps reduce worry. Knowing your home will alert you to problems or intruders takes a load off your mind. Being able to turn off appliances or lock doors saves you from obsessing over whether your home is in danger.

Helps Sell Your Home Faster

When you decide to move, your smart home system will be a strong selling point. Once you explain how everything works and improves your quality of life, you’ll hook buyers quickly. Additionally, your smart home will likely sell for more than a similar home without smart technology.

Aids You While You Grow Older

Smart homes, especially those with voice activation, can make growing older easier. Basic tasks become harder as we grow older. Having a smart home helps keep your independence intact longer.

Our Smart Technologies

At Charlie’s Heating & Cooling, we offer several smart devices for your home. Our Trane ComfortLink thermostats help you automate your home’s heating and cooling system as well as connect to Nexia — a whole-home automation device.

The Trane ComfortLink II is a simple, programmable thermostat with a large color display that allows you to access local weather and more from this central hub.

At Charlie’s Heating & Cooling, we offer some of the latest heating and cooling technology. If you have questions about smart home systems, call us at (336) 629-5453.

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