New parents in Randleman, North Carolina, often wonder whether it’s safe to use air conditioning around their new babies. Newborns are more sensitive to temperature changes because they can’t adjust their own body temperatures as well as adults. It’s important to understand the potential risks of running your air conditioning system around your newborn and how to prevent them.

Risks for Babies

Since babies can’t regulate their body temperatures as well as adults, the main risk of keeping the air conditioner running is a sudden drop in temperature. This problem can lead to hypothermia, during which the nervous system, heart and other organs cannot function properly. If your baby is too cold, he or she will begin to shiver as an automatic defense to warm the body.

On the other hand, the risks of being in a hot, humid and un-ventilated area are high as well. Babies are more vulnerable to heat-related illnesses, such as heat strokes, heat rash, dehydration and heat exhaustion. A room that’s properly cooled and ventilated will reduce those risks.

How to Manage Temperature Needs

Your baby prefers a warmer atmosphere than what you prefer. But there are ways to keep everyone in the house safe and comfortable.

Keep your thermometer set between 73 and 78 degrees during the summer months. Avoid placing your baby directly under or next to a supply vent, as air directly blowing on them can result in discomfort. In the baby’s nursery, don’t place the crib near or underneath a vent.

Most babies like to be swaddled in blankets which restricts movement and helps the baby feel like they’re safe. By using slightly thicker blankets to swaddle your baby, you can keep them warmer and more comfortable while they sleep.

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